How It Works

The Bookworm Club involves mailing packages once a month over a period of six months to children in out-of-home care from Children’s Aid Societies across the province of Ontario.

A pilot of the program was carried out from July to December 2012 with 12 Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario involving 120 children and 114 foster carers.

The second year of the program began in July 2013 and grew to include 532 children from 22 Children’s Aid Societies across Ontario!

Packages contain developmentally appropriate books, games, and other materials and are wrapped in brightly coloured packages. Packages are personally addressed to the child at their current out-of-home placement. If a child changes placement within this six-month period the packages are sent to their new address.

ABC Blocks and Apple on Children's Books

We have begun plans for the Bookworm Club 2014 and it looks like this will be the biggest year yet for the Bookworm!

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