About Us

In 2011, Practice and Research Together (www.partcanada.org) in collaboration with the Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services (CRECS) at the University of Ottawa, co-hosted an international conference in Ottawa. This conference was focused on improving the educational achievement of young people in out-of-home care. Professor Rose Griffiths from Leicester University in the UK spoke at this event about a program she has pioneered in the UK - The Letterbox Club (www.letterboxclub.org.uk). The Letterbox Club mails brightly coloured parcels directly to children in care who are enrolled in the program. Packages contain developmentally appropriate books, games, and other related materials.

The idea of the Letterbox Club resonated at the conference to such an extent that several Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario implemented a pilot phase of the program!


Our Goal

The goal of the Bookworm Club is to improve literacy, motivation for reading, and educational outcomes for children in out-of home care.


At the Bookworm Club we are committed to evaluating and improving the program. The Evaluation Report for the Year 1 pilot is now available, click here to read it: Bookworm Club Evaluation Report October 2013

The evaluation results for the 2013 Bookworm Club will be available soon! If you wish to receive further information on the evaluation of the Bookworm Club please email Eavan Brady at ebrady@partcanada.org